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Have you heard "Take up Your Cross" by Nettie Ramirez yet?

Rising Christian independent artist, Nettie Ramirez, announces the release of her upcoming single “Take Up Your Cross” on June 28th, 2024 at 10 am, EST. “The Christian National Anthem…” “I am listening to the new Christian National Anthem” were the words of Producer / Mixer for Social Club Misfits, Luis “Cancion”, when producing ‘Take Up Your Cross’ for independent artist Nettie Ramirez. The music and lyrics are catchy with a contemporary gospel rhythm that is hard to ignore—a Christian song with an incredible melody, but an even more impactful message. “Take Up Your Cross” captivates with its catchy contemporary gospel rhythm and impactful message. Beginning with its compelling chorus, the song encourages listeners to reflect on their spiritual journey and seek guidance and direction from the Lord in times of confusion. Drawing inspiration from Matthew 16:24-26, it challenges believers to embrace self-sacrifice and to wholeheartedly follow Jesus, resonating with those navigating the challenges of living out their faith in Jesus Christ amidst different societal pressures. Nettie Ramirez, a Christian independent artist from Orange, NJ draws inspiration from many influences including Latin, Gospel, and Classical music. Her multicultural background and diverse musical upbringing have shaped her unique sound, blending heartfelt lyrics with uplifting melodies. When she's not leading worship at her local church in Wayne, NJ, Nettie is dedicated to creating original music that inspires and uplifts. With "Take Up Your Cross’ she offers a fresh, upbeat, and encouraging anthem for believers worldwide.

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