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🚨 New Music release 🚨 TJ campbell "live it"

’Live It’ is a song for the Christmas season that is not a typical Christmas song, Is a pop/ rock infused track, a mix of live instrumentation, electronic ambience and deep bass. And is scheduled for release to music platforms on 28th November 2021.

About The artist

Music Tracey Jane Campbell is an international recording artist and songwriter who has appeared on prestigious platforms worldwide, collaborating with artists across musical genres. Over the years she has gained a wide range of experiences in the music industry from singing backing vocals for pop artists, and appearing on UK Gospel productions with artists such as Noel Robinson, LCGC, Soul Sanctuary and The Kingdom Choir; performing as a soloist at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Tracey has written songs and compositions featured on BBC radio as well as collaborated in the creation of audiovisual events for German productions. Some of the highlights of Tracey's musical career have been performing for the opening of World Expo in China and featuring alongside the legendary singer's Barbara Streisand and Elaine Page on the platinum-selling album ‘Inside I’m Singing’ from Secret Garden, with whom she recorded the original version of the classic ‘You Raise Me Up’. She is known for her down to earth communication, diverse vocal sound and passion for expression and views Gospel music as a declaration of her faith and way of sharing the hope, joy and restorative love of God. Classical music is one of her first loves and she has had the pleasure of being a guest of the All Saints Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall and more recently touring as a guest artist with the Animato Ensemble Orchestra(Switzerland) with whom she recorded one of the original songs from her upcoming album. I wrote live it whilst ruminating on the recent experiences of the whole globe over the past two years, like many others I have been deeply impacted by the severely polarised political landscape. The hatred, vitriol and damaging expressions of ‘faith’ I witnessed were displayed for all to see. Now to be sure, I was under no illusion that these divides and attitudes existed, but there is something rather visceral that takes place where one encounters these things day after day due to the proliferation of online spaces to engage with. The thought occurred to me that Christmas is coming, many of us who profess to be believers will don our lights and piously attend services, make nativity scenes and maybe even partake in some extra charitable deeds, whereby we can feel good about ourselves. But what do we say we are celebrating? What is this Kingdom we proclaim that entered the world's existence? How does it transform the lived expression of those who claim to live according to its culture? what does The Kingdom really stand for?.... Out of those thoughts came ‘Live It’. The outpouring I guess of some of my thoughts and feelings.

Lyrics/Vocal Arrangement: Tracey Jane Campbell

Flugelhorn: Delvon ‘Bulby’ Campbell

Drums/Guitar/Bass/Programming: David Maegert-Kalisonic

Produced by: Kalisonic Tracey Jane Campbell 2021

Connect with Tracey Jane Campbell: Email: Smart Link for the track Instagram QR code

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