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"Take Us To Church" online talent show

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Are you a talented individual who can take us on an emotional and spiritual journey to the church through your performance or content? If so, we invite you to participate in our "Take Us to Church" contest by registering or submitting your content to and we will get back to you.

The competition is a platform for showcasing various talents such as singers, rappers, motivational speakers, aspiring preachers, poets, instrumentalists, TikTokers, film directors, video producers, DJs, music producers, dancers, painters, designers, and content creators. The aim is to create content that connects us emotionally and spiritually to the church, whether it be through music, art, performance, motivational speeches, spoken word, or other creative acts that praise, worship, or preach the word of God.

Attention all art enthusiasts and graphic designers! We invite you to showcase your skills and create stunning Kingdom-inspired pieces.

Dancers, choreographers, and ballet performers, listen up! Submit your choreography set to popular Christian music or remix choreography from Christian music videos. Let's bring the beauty of dance to the world of Christian music.

Calling all music producers and DJs! Use your creativity to remix popular Kingdom songs and create an uplifting soundtrack that will inspire and encourage our audience.

Film directors, video producers, TikTokers, and video content creators, we need your help! Produce a visually stunning and edifying piece of work that will connect us to the word of God and uplift our spirits.

Musicians and instrumentalists, this is your chance to shine! Show off your musical skills by sending in your performance content. We welcome all instruments and even sing while playing.

This competition is the perfect platform to display your talent and deliver outstanding performances or content. The participant with the most superior performance or content has the potential to be crowned the winner of the competition.

After the first stages, the finalists will be selected to perform in front of judges. The winners will receive a visibility package that includes online promotion and music airplay on the radio for any music content creators and showcase or live performances. Join us now and let your talents shine!

Join our group and post your content :

Please register here, and we will reach out to you shortly..:

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