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FMF meets 678Nath

Let's meet 678NATH who entered the scene in 2021 with his iconic song titled ‘ROCKY’ which was co-signed by MXRCYUK to be the track of the year. Despite being a newcomer he has gained an incredible amount of traction, winning a top 5 spot on the AStepFwd Christian UK Chart with his Debut single “Rocky”, followed by a top 10 spot with his follow-up single “Dark skies” and leading up to now a number 1 spot for his highly anticipated release for “Godswill” He has been seen featured on Reblah song “Ring the alarm”, alongside renowned gospel artists like Konola, Zelijah Tishbite, Mark Asari and more. The song was later featured on Press plays YouTube channel and went on to accumulate over 100k views. Aside from Music 678nath aka Nathan Thomas has an incredible background of playing rugby for Harlequins RFU. Coming from a background where rugby isn’t as desirable as football, he has done immensely well to be selected to represent England IPF 7’s, in the months leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games and later being selected to represent England counties U’20’s two years In a row (2017 and 2018). Nathan now known as 678NATH is passionate about a lot of things but being able to bring hope, joy and different sound to the community is what drives him.

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